Russian Masters Ballet Summer Intensives & Auditions 2024

Russian Masters Ballet Summer Intensives & Auditions 2024

Russian Masters Ballet is an exclusive highly professional intensive training in classical dance based on the original didactics of the Vaganova Academy. Their elite unprecedented teaching faculty, individual approach and thoroughly elaborated methodical program is what has put RMB at the forefront of dance training internationally.

They are pleased to announce their upcoming summer intensives which will be held in three locations: St Petersburg, Russia (June 30 – July 21); Alicante, Spain (July 7 – July 28); and Burgas, Bulgaria (July 28 – August 18).

Russian Masters Ballet Summer Intensive

The content of the intensives has been carefully selected, supervised and approved by the direction, stable faculty of RMB and Vaganova Academy giving them the honour of preparing these courses for the benefit of all students.

“Students take classes in Ballet, Repertoire, Character, Pas de Deux, Contemporary, Acting, Gymnastics, which are conducted by the best world renowned, highly qualified professionals”, says Ms. Asiya Lukmanova, director of RMB. “We carefully select our faculty members and pay special attention to this. We are proud to offer our students the unique opportunity to learn from incredible masters. Most of our teachers are current tutors at the prestigious Vaganova Academy and Eifman Academy, Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky and other theatres. Every year their graduates get a chance to continue their journey as ballet dancers in the leading ballet theatres. Our goal is to provide our students with the education of the highest quality from the best teachers”.

Confirmed teachers for the 2024 intensive include: Yuliya Kasenkova – current teacher at Vaganova Academy; Tatiana Sevostianova (Kvasova) – current teacher and methodist at Eifman Ballet Academy; Sofia Gumerova – current teacher at Eifman Ballet Academy; Mikhail Sivakov – current teacher at Vaganova Academy; Elena Kukseva – current teacher at Eifman Ballet Academy; Olga Pavlova – licensed teacher at Bolshoi Academy; Polina Rassadina – current teacher at Vaganova Academy; Aleksandr Omar – current teacher at Vaganova Academy; Anton Valdbauer – contemporary choreographer, former soloist at Royal Swedish Ballet; and many others.

To offer unique experience, RMB invites world renowned ballet professionals as guests to conduct exclusive master classes. RMB gives students the opportunity to gain exposure to the dance profession by learning from artists who perform classical ballet on the stage of the top theatres daily.

Russian Masters Ballet Summer Intensive

Some of confirmed special guests at RMB summer intensive in Alicante will be: Polina Semionova, principal dancer at Staatsballett Berlin and Mehmet Yümak, conditioning trainer, dancer at Staatsballett Berlin. More guests will be confirmed soon.

RMB’s goal is to reveal the maximum potential of students and to open the real world of ballet to them.

Representatives of famous schools and academies are invited to the courses. Every student has a chance to be noticed by a ballet institution and to continue their studies there. Last summer almost thirty young talents were noticed by representatives of the Vaganova Academy, Berlin State Ballet School, NDA, BIBS and many of them have already become students of these prestigious ballet institutions.

Russian Masters Ballet Summer Intensive

With the strong values of friendship, diversity and inclusion embedded within the culture of Russian Masters Ballet, their students receive both professional improvement and cultural enrichment. They always offer saturated and amusing leisure program.

Students from around the world are invited to apply and audition for our intensives with a possibility to obtain full or partial scholarship.

Live auditions will be held January 13-14 in Coimbra, Portugal; January 20 in Madrid, Spain; and January 26 in Brussel, Belgium. Online group auditions will be held January 20-21. Audition by video and individual online audition are also available.

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