World Premiere of leap Coming to Riverside Theatre this Month

World Premiere of leap Coming to Riverside Theatre this Month

leap is an explosive new dance show created by Amy Campbell, one of Australia’s most exciting young creatives.

Featuring ten of Australia’s foremost dancers and four extraordinary musicians, leap re-imagines recognisable classical music into a modern soundtrack. Performed live (on piano, cello, beats and violin) the leap musicians perform classical music reimagined for a new world, broken apart and rearranged. The dynamic soundtrack honours and delights beloved musical themes – from Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, Debussy and more – motifs that exist in our collective subconscious, reworked to interweave with the exhilarating combination of story and movement.

A unique blend of dance and story, leap will transport you into the lives of compelling characters in the effervescent and unknown world that is leap. Do you stay where you are…or will you take the leap? What would you do to get everything you ever dreamed of?

leap is a brand new Australian dance show. It is unlike anything I’ve ever choreographed before. It’s kind of art show meets dance show meets interactive experience. I’ve been thinking and dreaming of this show for about five years, and to be able to actually get it off the floor is really exciting and a little intimidating, but cannot wait to get in the room with some of our best dance artists in this whole country and make something new,” shared Amy Campbell.

Catch leap on its premiere Australian tour before it takes the world by storm! It will premiere at Riverside Theatre 22-24 April. Tickets begin at $49. Visit for more information.

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