See Australian Dance Theatre’s “Marrow” at Adelaide Festival

See Australian Dance Theatre’s “Marrow” at Adelaide Festival

Set on the threshold between past and present, Marrow, Australian Dance Theatre’s new major work, explores our historical inheritance and the smoky forms of our national conscience. 

With a nearly 60-year history, Australian Dance Theatre has entered a new era under Artistic Director Daniel Riley. The works he has created since his appointment, including SAVAGE in 2022 and Tracker in the 2023 Adelaide Festival, have united the personal and political. 

A choreographic course correction for a nation in need of a new direction. Marrow is dance at its most elemental and raw, presenting a new future for all of us.

In Marrow, ADT dancers imagine a shared ground where politics and identity are intrinsic but do not define us. Together, they envision a future that acknowledges the weight of our history and the push of our present moment. 

“Poetry, music and dance can be powerful weapons, and this company wields them well.”- Limelight

Marrow will be at The Odeon Theatre 13-17 March. Tickets begin at $25. Click here to book now.