PICA Announces 2022 Artistic Program

PICA Announces 2022 Artistic Program

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts has announced their Artistic Program for 2022, welcoming in a number of cutting edge works to be presented in Perth next year.

The program, spanning both performance and exhibitions, speaks to the past, present and future, while highlighting connection and community in this exciting showcase of Australian and international contemporary art. Featuring some of Australia’s most electrifying artists, both of the programs in 2022 are sure to surprise, delight and deeply engage with Perth audiences.

The PICA Exhibition Program charts connection, activism, migration and memory, following a period of great global disruption. New and diverse voices are represented in strength amongst this program, as well as Western Australian artists in what will be a visual feast for our patrons.

In 2022 the Performance Program offers a series of intimate, immersive and optimistic encounters that connect its audience with other bodies, abilities, and generations, inviting you to engage with the world around us. The Performance Program once again continues to be a leader in original, rousing and provocative works in Perth.

“We are thrilled to be bringing together artists from near and far, at pivotal stages of their careers and with urgent and compelling responses to our time. The presentation and commissioning of new works is key to PICA’s approach to supporting artists and furthering the development of art forms. Next year we have a swathe of exciting projects to awaken the senses and guide you through rites of passage, diasporic journeys, encounters with nature and other worldly experiences,”  said PICA Director, Amy Barrett-Lennard.

In 2022, PICA continues to play a vital role in the Western Australian arts ecology, as well as representing Perth on a national and international level. Through championing new work and fostering the development of artists, PICA continues to present work that is innovative, creative, diverse and rigorous, enriching the lives of Western Australians and inviting audiences to deeply engage with our programs.

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) is one of Australia’s leading centers for the development and presentation of contemporary art. Housed in a striking heritage building in the heart of Perth, PICA is the city’s focal point for those wishing to experience the best of Australian and international visual, performance and interdisciplinary art.

PICA is both a producing and presenting institution that runs a year-round program of exhibitions, seasons in contemporary dance, theatre and performance and a range of interdisciplinary projects.

In 2022, you’re invited to walk through PICA’s galleries, sit in their performance spaces and take it all in. Visit www.pica.org.au to learn more about the 2022 program.

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