Long list announced for 2018 Dance Awards

Mozart AirborneAusdance has announced the long list of nominations for the 2018 Australian Dance Awards. The official shortlist will be announced sometime in July, with final winners being formally announced at the 2018 Australian Dance Awards Ceremony in Brisbane on Saturday, September 8.


Services to Dance

– Chris Herzfeld

– Heidrun Löhr

– Hilary Trotter

– Marc Brew

– Marilyn Miller

– Philip Piggin

– Philippe Charluet

– Susan Mayes

– Valerie Lawson


Services to Dance Education

– Helene George

– Katrina Rank

– Paige Gordon

– Raewyn Hill

– Sinsa Mansell


Outstanding Achievement in Community Dance

– Annette Carmichael (WA) for The Beauty Index

– LINK Dance Co (WAAPA), Tracksuit (DADAA) and Co3 Youth with Christine Fricker (WA) for Inventory of Bodies in Movement (IBM Project) 

– Nerida Matthaei – Phluxus2 Dance Collective (QLD) for THE indepenDANCE PROJECT

– QPAC, The Royal Ballet and Community Groups (QLD) for We All Dance

– Sprung!! Integrated Dance Group (NSW) for Share House

– Tasdance (TAS) for The Great Community Dance Mashup

– The Flipside Project (NSW) for The Edge

– The Flipside Project (NSW) for New Translations 

– Stompin Youth Dance (TAS) for Fully Grown


​Outstanding Achievement in Youth Dance

– Austinmer Dance Theatre (NSW) for UNREAL 

– Ballet Theatre of Queensland (QLD) for Cinderella (2017)

– Co3 (WA) for Project next 

– DRILL (TAS) for Cold Omens

– Joanna Noonan SLIDE Youth Dance (NT) for EXISTENCE

– Melbourne City Youth Ballet (VIC) for Sleeping Beauty

– Merge Dance Theatre (QLD) for Uninvited Guest

– Moorambilla Voices (NSW) for Gundabooka

– Nerida Matthaei and Dan Evans (QLD) for Inner Outer Space

– QL2 Dance (ACT) for This Poisoned Sea 

– Spark Youth Dance Co. (VIC) for Shatter

– The Flipside Project (NSW) for New Translations

– Wagana Aboriginal Dancers and DUST Dancers (NSW) for #PL@$T*X(Jo Clancy)

– Yellow Wheel (VIC) for The People’s Dance


Outstanding Achievement in Choreography

– Angela Hamilton for Opus (PACT Theatre)

– Christopher Hill for The Clearest Light (Takuto, Ballet at the Quarry, WAB)

– Craig Bary for In Difference (FORM Dance Projects)

– Darcy Grant for BACKBONE (with Gravity & Other Myths Ensemble)

– David McMicken, Josh Mu, Kelly Beneforti, Aaron Lim for Man Made (Tracks Dance Company)

– Kate Harman, Julian Louis, Josh Thomson & Gavin Webber for Cockfight (The Farm)

– Graeme Murphy for The Frock (MADE)

– Grayson Millwood & Gavin Webber (directors) for Frank Enstein (The Farm & Co3)

– Jo Lloyd & Nicola Gunn for Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster (Dance Massive)

– Kate Denborough & Gerard van Dyck for Out of earshot (KAGE)

– Kate Harman and Ben Ely for Depthless (The Farm)

– Kyle Page for Tectonic (Dancenorth)

– Lisa Wilson for Wireless (Lisa Wilson Projects)

– Lucy Guerin for Split (Lucy Guerin Inc.)

– Lucy Guerin and Gideon Obarzanek for Attractor (Dancenorth and Lucy Guerin Inc)

– Martin del Amo for Champions (Form Dance Projects)

– Melanie Lane for WOOF (Sydney Dance Company)

– Michelle Ryan for Intimate Spaces (Restless Dance Theatre)

– Natalie Weir for Behind Closed Doors (Expressions)

– Nick Power for Between Tiny Cities (Dance Massive)

– Phillip Adams for EVER (BalletLab)

– Raewyn Hill for The Zone (Co3)

– Rafael Bonachela for Nude Live (SDC)

– Rafael Bonachela for Ocho (SDC)

– Sarah Boulter for Enter The Vortex (The Dream Dance Company)

– Sarah-Vyne Vassallo (director) for Days like These (Murmuration, NSW)

– Stephanie Lake for Pile of Bones (Stephanie Lake Company)

– Stephen Page for Bennelong (Bangarra)

– Tim Harbour for Squander and Glory (The Australian Ballet)


Outstanding Performance by a Company

– Australian Dance Theatre (SA) for construct 

– Bangarra Dance Theatre (NSW) for Bennelong (2017)

– Co3 (WA) for The Zone

– Co3, The Farm for Frank Enstein

– Dancenorth (QLD) for Spectra

– Dancenorth (QLD) for Tectonic 

– Dancenorth (QLD) for Attractor

– Expressions Dance Company (QLD) for Behind Closed Doors

– Expressions Dance Company (QLD) for MOZART AIRBORNE

– Expressions Dance Company (QLD) for PROPEL

– Ochre Contempoary Dance Co (WA) for Good Little Soldier

– Phillip Adams BalletLab (VIC) for EVER

– Queensland Ballet for Raw (triple bill): No Man’s Land, Glass Concerto & Ghost Dances

– Restless Dance Theatre (SA) for Intimate Spaces

– STRUT Dance (WA) for One Flat Thing, Reproduced

– Sydney Dance Company for Nude Live

– Sydney Dance Company for Orb

– Tasdance for Fragile Matter

– The Australian Ballet for Alice in Wonderland 

– The Farm (QLD) for Cockfight

– Tracks Dance (NT) for Man Made

– West Australian Ballet for The Great Gatsby

– West Australian Ballet for Peter Pan

Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance

– Angela Hamilton for Opus

– Antony Hamilton for Number of the Machine

– Australian Dance Artists for Restraint(s)

– Gabrielle Nankivell for Split Second Heros

– Graeme Murphy, Janet Vernon & Mature Artist Dance Experience (MADE) for The Frock

– Lisa Maris McDonell for Chamber Dances

– Lisa Wilson & Paul Charlier for Wireless

– Lizzie & Zaimon Vilmanis for The Inquisition of the Big Bad Wolf (Prying Eye Productions)

– Mariaa Randall for DIVERCITY (Dance Massive)

– Martin del Amo for CHAMPIONS

– Michelle Heaven for In Plan 

– Nick Power (choreography) & Jack Prest (sound design) for Between Tiny Cities


Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer

– Ako Kondo for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (The Australian Ballet – TAB)

– Alana Sargent for Behind Closed Doors (Expressions Dance Company)

– Alana Sargent for PROPEL (Expressions)

– Amanda McGuigan for Sleeping Beauty (TAB)

– Amber Haines for Spectra (Dancenorth)

– Bec Jones for Fragile Matter (Tasdance)

– Charmene Yap for Ocho (SDC)

– Chrissa Keramidas as Clara the Elder for Nutcracker: The Story of Clara (TAB)

– Elise May for Behind Closed Doors (Expressions)

– Ella-Rose Trew for The Zone (Co3 Australia)

– Elma Kris for Bennelong (2017) (Bangarra)

– Jana Castillo for construct (Australian Dance Theatre)

– Juliette Barton for Ocho (SDC)

– Lilian Steiner & Melanie Lane for Split (Lucy Guerin Inc.)

– Michelle Barnett for Behind Closed Doors (Expressions)

– Natalie Allen for One Flat Thing, Reproduced (STRUT Dance)

– Nicola Gunn for Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster (Dance Massive)

– Raewyn Hill for Good Little Soldier (Ochre Dance Co. WA)

– Samantha Hines for Attractor (Lucy Guerin Inc.)

– Sophia Natale for One Flat Thing, Reproduced (STRUT Dance)

– Yanela Piñera for Glass Concerto (Queensland Ballet)

– Zoe Wozniak for The Zone (Co3)


Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer

– Aaron Lim for Between Tiny Cities

– Beau Dean Riley Smith for Bennelong (2017) (Bangarra)

– Benjamin Chapman for Behind Closed Doors (Expressions)

– Brett Chynoweth for Sleeping Beauty (TAB)

– Camillo Ramos for La Fille mal Gardée (Queensland Ballet)

– Gabriel Comerford for Fragile Matter (Tasdance)

– Imanuel Dado for One Flat Thing, Reproduced (STRUT Dance)

– Izzac Carroll for Ocho (SDC)

– Jake McLarnon for PROPEL (Expressions)

– Joel Bray for Biladurang (Melbourne Fringe)

– Josh Mu for Spectra (Dancenorth)

– Kevin Jackson for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (TAB)

– Kimball Wong for construct by Tanja Liedtke (Australian Dance Theatre)

– Nelson Earl for Ocho (SDC)

– Patrick Weir for Mathew Bourne’s Lord of the Flies (New Adventures)

– Richard Causer for Mozart Airborne (Expressions)

– Richard Cilli for One Flat Thing, Reproduced (STRUT Dance)


Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Film or New Media

– Catherine Moore & Jade Lowry for Unstilled

– Eamon Cross for Des Vu

– Mark Howett for Good Little Soldier

– Richard James Allen for Enchant

– Sophia Bender for Behind Barres

– Sue Healey for Eileen


​Outstanding Achievement in Commercial Dance, Musicals or Physical Theatre

– Andrew Hallsworth for Muriel’s Wedding (Sydney Theatre Company)

– Darcy Grant for BACKBONE (Gravity & Other Myths)

– Nerida Matthaei for I Just Came To Say Goodbye (The Good Room directed by Dan Evans, Brisbane Festival & QUT)

– Nicola Gunn & Jo Lloyd for Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster (Conceived and performed by Nicola Gunn, choreographed by Jo Lloyd)

– Michael Ralph for SELF (Backbone, Melbourne Fringe)


Photo: Expressions Dance Company’s Dominic J. Walsh and Michelle Barnett in Mozart Airborne. Photo by FenLan Chuang.