Legs On The Wall: A journey through 40 years of defying gravity and expectations

Legs On The Wall: A journey through 40 years of defying gravity and expectations

In 1984, a group of Sydney street performers, united by their shared passion for physical storytelling, gave birth to what would become a beacon of innovation in the world of theatre: Legs On The Wall. This year, the company celebrates its 40th anniversary, a milestone that not only commemorates four decades of breathtaking performances but also heralds a year filled with ambitious projects.

From its inception, Legs On The Wall has carved a niche for itself, blending daring physical theatre with poignant narratives, thereby setting the stage for a year-long celebration of artistic bravery and boundary-pushing performances.

2024 marks a significant chapter in the company’s storied history, as it embarks on a series of high-profile events, collaborations, and a culminating gala event in November that promises to be a showcase of the company’s legacy and vision.

Read on for a few highlights from their milestone year ahead.

Biennale of Sydney Opening Night at White Bay Power Station (8 March): The ‘Lights On’ event will see the White Bay Power Station come alive with Legs On The Wall’s performance amidst live music, installations, and roving performances, marking the opening night of the 24th Biennale of Sydney in a celebration of contemporary art and the industrial grandeur of the Power Station.

EDGE Inner West Festival – Biennale of Sydney at White Bay Power Station (6-7 April): During the EDGE Inner West festival, Legs On The Wall will present new and reimagined performance commissions, delving into stories and futures through their unique lens of physical theatre at the White Bay Power Station. Legs will perform at 4pm on both Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April.

European Tour of THAW: In a significant moment for the company, Legs On The Wall will take their acclaimed work THAW to Europe. Premiering at the 2022 Sydney Festival, THAW is a poignant commentary on the climate crisis, featuring a solo performer atop a melting ice sculpture, showcasing the company’s commitment to combining art with urgent social messages.

Legs On The Wall’s journey from a collective of street performers to a luminary in the world of physical theatre is a story of creativity, resilience, and innovation. Through works like All of MeHomeland, and THAW, the company has not only entertained global audiences but has also ignited conversations on vital social issues, affirming the power of art to provoke and inspire.

As Legs On The Wall steps into its 40th year, audiences and artists are invited to join in the celebration of its rich legacy and to anticipate the innovative ventures that lie ahead. This anniversary is more than a look back at past achievements; it’s a gateway to new possibilities in the realm of physical theatre and storytelling.

Legs on the Wall, Anna McCulla and Remy Rochester, Photo credit Carlita Sari Photography