Experience the Magic of Ireland: 'A Taste of Ireland' 2024 Tour!

Experience the Magic of Ireland: ‘A Taste of Ireland’ 2024 Tour!

After a sold out 2023 tour, the unforgettable Irish Music & Dance show – A Taste of Ireland – is back! Experience laughter, tears, and joy in a night of Celtic magic that’s captivated thousands.

Having performed over 300 shows since 2019, ‘A Taste of Ireland’ has merged cultural traditions, modern flair, and craic galore to deliver a performance that has brought the house down night after night. This season, join an acclaimed cast of champion Irish dancers, dazzling musicians, and a contemporary vocalist, as they blend Irish charm with mind-blowing talents to present an unforgettable night of entertainment.
Featuring revamped classics like ‘Danny Boy’ and ‘Tell Me Ma’, the show’s energetic blend of melodic folk music mash-ups, live jaw-dropping acapella tap battles, and heartwarming emotion, transports you through the story of Ireland’s tumultuous history – complemented by stunning production and lighting.

Starring dancers from Lord of the Dance and Riverdance alongside a treasure trove of Irish Dancing Champions, A Taste of Ireland merges international Irish dance stars with the very best talent in the nation to deliver intricate choreography that is 100% live.

With over one hundred and fifty 5-star Facebook reviews, A Taste of Ireland is exactly what it promises: a taste of everything you love about Ireland with a generous helping of more!

The Australian tour dates for A Taste of Ireland span various locations across Victoria, South Australia/Northern Territory, Metro Sydney, New South Wales, Tasmania, Western Australia, and Queensland. It features performances in major cities and regional towns throughout 2024. Each state’s tour includes multiple dates and venues, showcasing the show’s blend of Irish music, dance, and storytelling across the country.

For detailed information on the tour dates, venues, and ticketing, please visit https://www.atasteofirelandshow.com/

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