DYOBApp Aims to Combat Lockdown Blues

DYOBApp Aims to Combat Lockdown Blues

“Life is challenging right now and hard times, require furious dancing,” says Myles Harman, an Entrepreneur & Dance Instructor from the Gold Coast. “Dancing isn’t just good for our physical health, it’s also vital for our mental health.”

Myles, Founder of DYOB (Dance Your Own Beat)– A Dance Therapy Movement, has developed an App to combat the effects of COVID. DYOBApp makes it easy for anyone to create, private, exclusive, customised dance events, inside or outside, while maintaining COVID protocols.

DYOBApp (Pronounced “Juh-Bap”) is an event facilitation app that enables anyone to coordinate and host pop-up private, exclusive, customised dance events. Events can be run in multiple locations without having to hire a DJ, find a suitable venue, have good quality sound equipment, or deal with noise restrictions.

Music is streamed into DYOBApp through Spotify’s API, enabling users to synch their favourite playlist with friends in real time. The result is everyone listens to the same tracks at the same time.

DYOBApp events are “headphone” events. Similar to a “Silent Disco,” the music is delivered to each individual through headphones, which means these events can be run anywhere. DYOBApp will also create an opportunity for dance lovers to make extra income running private, exclusive, customised dance events.

Dancing has, for centuries, been a way for communities to meet, socialise and stay connected. However, COVID related lockdowns and isolation have caused many dance options to disappear. This pandemic has increased feelings of loneliness and isolation, and is severely affecting our mental health. Dancing is medically proven to increase our physical, mental, social and emotional well-being.

When we dance to our favourite music, with our favourite people, we are more likely to dance fully. Without fear of judgement, we are free to joyfully express our authentic selves. Expressing our emotions, through dance, is not only good for our physical health, but also our mental health. DYOBApp seeks to create a fun environment to capitalize on the benefits of dance.

DYOB is currently running a crowdfunding campaign with Pozible, the Australian crowdfunding platform for community focused creative ideas and inspiring causes, to fund further app development

“The more money we raise, the sooner we can get everyone dancing again,” urges Myles.

To contribute to the campaign, visit https://www.pozible.com/profile/dyobapp