Bookings are now open for 'before, between, beyond' at the Victorian College of the Arts

Bookings are now open for ‘before, between, beyond’ at the Victorian College of the Arts

Victorian College of the Arts presents before, between, beyond, three dance works featuring graduating Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production) students: Kristina and Sadé Alleyne (UK), Nicole Corea (US/Aus) and Joel Bray (Wiradjuri).

“before, between, beyond speaks through sensuous languages and techniques of body and design to evoke states of play, poetry and politics. From the inter-cellular to the human-animal, from the concept of home to the reality of dispossession, these works perform ideas that take hold of us, that bind us together and that keep us awake, propelling us towards unforeseen futures,” Carol Brown, Head of VCA Dance.

HOME explores themes of change, settling and belonging, it is part of a suite of works by Alleyne Dance (UK) that address the positives and difficulties of migration and how it has impacted communities. HOME is a rhythmical and powerful work that will lead the audience through an emotional, heart-felt journey. Created in March, it was originally performed at the Shepparton Festival 2023. This is an extract of the full-length work.

Fractals exist in all things, from the smallest elements of nature to the grandest patterns of the universe. Characterised by their infinite and self-similar nature, they serve as a catalyst shaping spatial patterns and relationships, while simultaneously underpinning geometries of ritual, interconnection, competition and identity. Inspired by the inherent beauty of these never-ending patterns and how they influence our connections, Fractal, choreographed by Nicole Corea, is a movement meditation that aims to unveil a glimpse into the hidden connections that shape human experience.

Trevor (another glorious day in the Colony) is choreographed by Joel Bray.Trevor is a younger son of gentry. Or perhaps the ancestor of convicts. He polices the Industrial Revolution’s human effluent. A bogan, into motorbikes and long walks along the beach, Trevor loves tea and vegemite toast. “How do you do, Trevor?” And he replies “How do you do?” Five forms of ID to comply and conform. Undertake this induction to be one of the group, (but be an individual too). Call this 1800 number to dob in a neighbour. “But this is my house, my rights, my Animal Farm and my twenty buck avo on toast”, Trevor sulks. “I Like Aeroplane Jelly” he shouts over the techno of billy cans banging, blithe to the forest burning behind him and the beach vanishing beneath his feet. “Good morning Trevor”, Siri softly wakes him “Welcome to another glorious day in the Colony”.

“Emerging from three years of dancing, designing, producing and dreaming at VCA we arrive here, at our Graduation season. We hold a deep sense of connection between people within and beyond the VCA, and will continue to be marked, inscribed and impressed as emerging artists, changemakers and creatives in a global community. Join us,” VCA Dance third year students

before, between, beyond performances will be 7 Nov – 11 Nov at Space 28 (30 Dodds St, Southbank). Tickets are $10-$15. Click here to book now.