BOLD22 Returns to Canberra to Celebrate Intercultural, Inclusive and Intergenerational Dance

BOLD22 Returns to Canberra to Celebrate Intercultural, Inclusive and Intergenerational Dance

The BOLD Festival 2022 will bring a range of professional and community dance artists to Canberra for 5 days of workshops, performances, talks, forums and film showings, 2-6 March, 2022. Across five days, BOLD brings together dance artists from a wide range of areas, cultures and countries. Through talks, performances, films and revivals of historic works, BOLD explores their legacies, experiences and careers evolving with age.

BOLD22 will present 10 world premieres, 8 national premieres and 3 established works alongside talks, workshops and films. All will be presented across the National Film and Sound Archive, National Library of Australia, National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery of Australia, Gorman House, QL2 Dance and Canberra Theatre Centre.

This year, BOLD22 will be a hybrid event, running both in person and partially online. BOLD ON DEMAND runs after the festival, granting access for 22 days after the live event, allowing national and international access and participation.

The BOLD Festival is an international presentation of intercultural, inclusive and intergenerational dance programming. BOLD draws on the legacies of our cultural elders, celebrating the empowerment of aging. It provides a platform for older artists, to celebrate their longevity and nurtures intergenerational exchange seeding new works from emerging artists and their cultural legacies.

BOLD’s Patron is Elizabeth Cameron Dalman, OAM. Their Keynote speakers include Eileen Kramer – Australia’s oldest dancer at age 107, Gary Lang, Dr Michelle Potter and Marc Brew (UK). Speakers from across Australia, USA, Canada, Kuwait, Egypt, UK and Ireland will also join.

Performers include international artists Tammi Gissell, Anca Frankenhauser, Jolanda Lowatta, Agal Dance Company, Ryuichi Fujimura, Lucky Lartey, Patrick Harding Irmer, Chris Wade, Harry Morrisey, Danny Riley, Chidambaram R. Suresh, Canberra’s GOLD Company, Rainbow, Liz Lea, Dance Makers Collective and Australian Dance Party.

Tickets begin at $48 for a one-day pass. Cost to attend the entire conference is $125. Click here for more information.

Our present lies in our past – BOLD celebrates the changes that come with age. Don’t miss this year’s BOLD22 Festival!