Be mesmerised by Arterial by Na Djinang Circus presented by Darebin Arts Speakeasy

Be mesmerised by Arterial by Na Djinang Circus presented by Darebin Arts Speakeasy

Na Djinang Circus is bringing their award-winning show, Arterial to Darebin Arts Speakeasy at the Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre. Arterial is a moving acrobatic performance that links people, country, and culture, where the unseen bonds between the body and the land become beautifully visible. It’s like a tuning fork that picks up the undercurrents of connection felt by First Nations People and resonates out through dynamic acrobatics and heart-warming stories.

Darebin City Council Mayor Julie Williams says, “We are thrilled to be presenting Na Djinang Circus as part of our Darebin Arts Speakeasy program. Not only is their performance Arterial of an extremely high calibre, but it also showcases First Nations creative companies at their finest. 

This family-friendly acrobatic show allows audiences to connect with First Nations culture and peoples, an experience Darebin Council is committed to providing. As this work is non-verbal, it’s also an excellent opportunity for our deaf and English as a second language communities to be welcomed to fully enjoy the experience”.

Led by Wakka Wakka man, Harley Mann, Na Djinang Circus aims to develop work that champions the next generation’s social and political attitudes and create work to challenge our own perceived ideas about contemporary Australian Society.

Debuting at Yirramboi in 2021, this presentation of Arterial has been redeveloped, fine-tuned and incorporates an original composition by Danni A. Esposito. Arterial is current, urgent, and rich with connection. The story holds new voices, opinions, acrobats, and connection to culture.

As it’s almost exactly two years since Arterial’s premiere, Harley is eager to show new and existing audiences the tweaks, additions, and overall refinement that has been made to perfect this performance. The trailer for Arterial can be found here.

Harley says, “For thousands of years story and performance have been used as markers of particular moments in time. It’s a way we can record history, remembering and learning from our past. When we premiered Arterial we lived in a very different time, a lot has change and a lot will continue to change. I’m thrilled to see how this story has grown with the world but also how it can act to connect us to our history and ancestors.

Na Djinang is a Melbourne based contemporary circus company. Director and founder, Harley Mann, started Na Djinang Circus in 2017, drawing from his own Aboriginal heritage as inspiration. Under Harley’s guidance, Na Djinang premiered a sold-out season of Arterial as part of Yirramboi festival in 2021. Harley was honoured with the 2018 Melbourne Fringe Award for Best Emerging Circus Artist. He was also chosen as the youth representative for the 2018 circus talk as part of the Sydney Festival.  

Darebin Arts Speakeasy aims to support developing works and artists, encouraging them to thrive and discover new elements of their artform or performance that were yet to be realised. 

Arterial by Na Djinang Circus is a chance to acknowledge country, be inspired and be enchanted by emotion-evoking and effortless movement. Further information on Arterial is available at

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