A call to take part in the Victorian Dance Census

A call to take part in the Victorian Dance Census

Help shape the future of dance in Victoria. Ausdance VIC has launched the Victorian Dance Census.

Designed to help shape the future of dance in Victoria, the census will ask a variety of questions on involvement with dance, attitudes, experiences, and employment. 

Data from the Victorian Dance Census will form a clear picture of the state of the sector in 2023 and help Ausdance VIC identify the support and services needed most. This information will inform the advocacy agenda and influence the education programs they provide. 

Everyone who engages with dance, from social dancers and students through to professionals and business owners, is encourage to get involved.

Ausdance VIC Executive Director Michelle Silby says, “Data gathered from the census will provide crucial information and help us deliver on our mission to advocate for, create and support opportunities for dance, and invest in its ongoing development.” 

Ausdance VIC Director of Education and Lifelong Learning, Dr. Katrina Rank adds, “The Victorian Dance Census data will help us identify areas of dance participation and training that need our support.”

The census will take nine minutes to complete. To take part, please visit ausdancevic.org.au/victorian-dance-census

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