Transit Dance Full Time


Pre Professional Pathway – Contemporary Dance:

CUA50113 Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) – 2 years full time


Pre Professional Pathway – Performing Arts (Jazz):

CUA50113 Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) – 2 years full time


Transit Origins Academy (High School Year 9-12):

High School Alternative – 1-4 years full time


Transit Dance AuditionsGraduate Pathway (Contemporary or Performing Arts):

Graduate Program  – 8 months part time


Dance Teacher Course:

CUA40313 Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management – 1 year part time

CUA50313 – Diploma of Dance Teaching and Management 1-2 years part time


Course Details

Transit Dance Full-Time courses are specifically designed to provide the highest level of training in both Contemporary dance and Performing Arts. As a performance based course, all students participate in four professional production seasons each year (a total of 21 individual performances), making it one of the most practical and hands on dance courses in the industry.


Boasting a world-class teaching faculty, capped class sizes, focus on career progression, and nationally accredited qualifications. This unique training institution has quickly become a leader in the field of dance education.


Led by industry Directors Paul Malek, Chris Curran, Kim Adam, Bradley Chatfield, Jayden Hicks, Carly Doctor and Karen Malek, Transit Dance is the ideal training institution for any dancer serious about a career in dance.


All Nationally Recognised Qualifications are delivered through auspice arrangement with The Australian Institute of Education & Training (AIET) RTO 121314.


Paul Malek teaching at Victorian Dance FestivalMain Subjects

Contemporary subjects include, but are not limited to: Contemporary Technique, Classical Ballet Technique, Improvisation, Floor Technique, Partnering/Duo, Pilates and Conditioning, Yoga, Performance Technique, Dance Composition, Breakdance, Anatomy and Nutrition, Dance History, Marketing and Publicity, Acting and Stagecraft, Business Development Skills, Dance on Film and Independent Theatre Production.


Performing Arts subjects include, but are not limited to: Jazz Technique, Classical Ballet Technique, Pilates & Conditioning, Travel, Turn, Cabaret, Fosse, Commercial, Broadway (through the eras), Aerial, Swing, Cabaret, Ballroom, Salsa, Tap, Hip- Hop, Breakdance, Circus Arts, Acting, Prop Technique, Acrobatics, Anatomy and nutrition, First Aid, Marketing and Publicity, Budgeting, Production Company Research, Audition Techniques, Production skills and lighting.


Main Teachers

Full time faculty: Paul Malek, Karen Malek, Chris Curran, Kim Adam, Bradley Chatfield, Jayden Hicks, Carly Doctor & Lachlan Hall.


Course Contributors:

Performing Arts: Michael Ralph, Yvette Lee, Darren Tyler, Dana Jolly, Amy Berrisford, Luke Alleva, Brittany Page, Freya List, Leah Hamlet, Courtney Gledhill, Alison Foster, Emma Kaman, Neville Parry, Jordan Herbert, Ben Scarmozzino, Oliver Sievers, Hayley Uberti, Chimene Steele-Prior, Olivia McPherson, Malika Berny, Cass Mortimer Eipper, Damian Meredith, Beth Lane, Geraldine Lett, Kaitlin Malone, Kayla Douglas, Yuiko Masukawa, and Geraldine Lett.



Live Auditions (Melbourne): 7th August 2021

Digital Audition #1: 10th July 2021

Digital Audition #2: 11th September 2021

Digital Audition #3: 13th November 2021



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