Tim Podesta’s film ‘ADOR’ to premiere soon

Tim Podesta + PROJECTion DanceTim Podesta + PROJECTion Dance will present the Australian premiere of his new film ADOR at Federation Square in Melbourne on Sunday, October 25 at 12:30 p.m. This unique project brings together the extraordinary talents of leading dancers from internationally acclaimed companies across the world.


ADOR seeks to capture each of the dancers distinct styles in a beautifully crafted work matched by the innovative concept. Artists hail from companies like The Queensland Ballet, Singapore Dance Theatre, The Hong Kong Ballet, Atlanta Ballet and The English National Ballet. The Royal Ballet’s
Guest Principal Artist Mara Galeazzi is featured as well.


Director and Choreographer Tim Podesta said, “Never before have I worked on a project where the passion of the artists involved matches the passion of the team that produces it. If you’re into dance and movies, ADOR is essential.”


Not just another documentary, ADOR is a performance according to Podesta. It’s a performance that reveals the passion, emotion and beauty, tracing the pathway from foundation to pinnacle, from student to the master. 


One of the dancers involved, Atlanta Ballet’s Benjamin Stone, stated, “Working on this project was a dream come true. Being a part of a project with so many outstanding artists, on such a unique project has truly been inspirational.”


Viewers can expect to see luscious choreography – “swaying limbs, breathless leaps and sensual movements,” explains the film description – but they’ll also see hunger in the eyes of the dancers, an emotional intensity coming from a desperation for success and a yearning for adulation.


Janek Schergen, artistic director of Singapore Dance Theatre, said, “When Tim approached me about ADOR, I gave him two of my finest dancers and I believe the result speaks for itself.”


Works by Tim Podesta + PROJECTion Dance have been performed previously in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the United States, Europe and South Africa, receiving multiple awards. His work has received recognition from the Queens International Film Festival in New York. A graduate of the Australian Ballet School, Podesta is often traveling to various corners of the world for residences, commissions and new projects.


For more information on his latest endeavor, ADOR, visit www.projectiondance.com.


Image: Still of Queensland Ballet Principal Dancer Clare Morehen in ADOR. Image courtesy of Tim Podesta + PROJECTion Dance.

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