The World’s Smallest Stage by ADT

Posted on: 21/5/2020 6:00PM

ADT is beyond excited to share with you their upcoming collaboration, The World’s Smallest Stage. They are working with indigenous dancers and choreographers from Kurruru, the team at Restless Dance Theatre, local independent choreographers and an eclectic range of local musicians, identified in partnership with Music SA, to bring The World’s Smallest Stage to you. Generously supported by Arts SA, The World’s Smallest Stage will see ten choreographers matched with twelve dancers and ten composers to create a series of new dance works, between 5-10 minutes’ each.


Each new dance piece will be confined to a living room size area of 2m x 2m, the ideal size for it to be watched by audiences via their home computer screen and referencing social distancing regulations that have become a major part of our lives.


The idea was conceived by Garry Stewart, ADT’s Artistic Director, as a direct response to the limitations that arts companies and artists are facing during the current public health crisis.


Nick Hays, Executive Director shared that “COVID-19 has been incredibly disruptive and damaging for all of us in the arts, but it has allowed us to re-establish our relationships with the wider arts sector and start innovating and creating together rather than separately." 

These works will be presented in mid-June for a limited period online, and once Australia comes out of isolation we will be presenting the performances live at their home, The Odeon.

More details on how you can experience The World’s Smallest Stage available at:


Pictured: Chorographer Thomas Fonua teaching through the computer screen



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