The Nannas and The Poppas has launched on ABC Kids

ABC Kids newest sensation for pre-schoolers are grandparents! The Nannas and The Poppas are five real-life grandparents who will have young children everywhere moving, grooving and bopping to some very catchy beats when the series has launched on ABC Kids!


The Nannas and The Poppas was initially created by pre-school entertainment whiz Maree Kirkland-Morris when she could see a gap in current programming for young kids. With so many children being minded and entertained in their homes by grandparents, it seemed a no-brainer to her that grandparents should also be entertaining kids on their screens. “With so many parents needing to work, grandparents have become integral to how families function day-to-day. Not only are they providing child-care, they are also an important link in helping young kids understand their heritage and learning fun things like how to fish, cook a cupcake and most importantly, pop your cheeks!” 
All of the cast have worked as entertainers for many years and they have relished the opportunity to bring their talents as vocalists, dancers and comedians to a kid’s audience.  

As grandparents themselves they each bring an interesting perspective. Poppas Tony and Calvin are experts as being long distance grandparents – Tony’s grandson Max lives in Austria and Calvin’s granddaughter in the U.S. Nanna Maggieenjoys a close relationship with her step-grandchildren and Nanna’s Kokil and Patti are both enjoying watching their grandkids blossom and bloom into little individuals. Their backgrounds as grandparents have helped their Facebook site, The Grandparents Club, grow to a following of more than 50,000 in less than six months!

The Nannas and The Poppas is a music series that not only reflects the incredibly important relationship between grandparent and grandchild it also provides real engagement and relatability for pre-schoolers, their parents and of course, Nan and Pop.

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