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Level 4 Full Time 

The ABS is a NVR RTO (provider code 3132, CRICOS code 00253A) offering the following, accredited courses: 
Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) CUA50113 
Advanced Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) CUA60113 
The Australian Ballet School auditionsGraduate Diploma of Classical Ballet 10296NAT 
Graduate Diploma of Elite Dance Instruction (Teacher’s Course) 10689NAT

Course Details

Level 4 (non-accredited)
The first year of full-time training, it is offered alongside Academic Year 8 or 9 at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School (VCASS). Students in Level 4 are expected to achieve well in their academic studies as well as consolidate and expand their technical and artistic dance skills.

Subjects: Classical Ballet, Pointe Studies (F), Foundation for Gymnasium Training (M), Foundation Pas de Deux, Repertoire/Variations, Performance Preparation, Contemporary, Character, Body Conditioning, Theatrical Make-Up, Performance Psychology, Anatomy/Injury Prevention, Nutrition, Introduction to Music and VCASS Academic Programme

Performance opportunities: May include Showcase and End of year performance.

VET Student Loans

The Australian Ballet School is an approved provider to offer VET Student Loans to eligible students for the courses listed below. Eligible students can apply for a government loan toward part of their fees which then becomes a deferred loan for the student with repayments taken out of what they earn through the tax system once earning a specified amount. For further information, please refer to the VSL section of The Australian Ballet School’s website.
Diploma of Dance – Elite Performance (CUA50113)
Advanced Diploma of Dance – Elite Performance (CUA60113)
Graduate Diploma of Classical Ballet (10296NAT)


Accredited Courses
The ABS is a NVR RTO (provider code 3132, CRICOS code 00253A) offering the following, accredited courses:

Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) CUA50113
Time: 2 years (Levels 5 and 6)
Aims: To encourage the special qualities of Australian dancers including youthful freshness, expressiveness, athleticism, musicality and strong technique. 

Subjects: Various subjects supporting the technical training and artistic development of the student. In addition Music, Performance Psychology, Nutrition, Cultural Studies and VCASS Academic Programme.

Performance opportunities: May include the following at Arts Centre Melbourne: Morning Melodies; Showcase; End of year performance.

Advanced Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) CUA60113

Time: 1 year (Level 7)
Aims: To produce graduates of the highest calibre who are capable of integrating effortlessly into The Australian Ballet and top professional dance companies in Australia and around the world.

Subjects: Various subjects encompassing Technical Training, Artistic Development and Academic Subjects through VCASS.
Performance opportunities: May include Morning Melodies; Showcase; End of year performance.


Graduate Diploma of Classical Ballet 10296NAT
Time: 1 year (Level 8)
Aims: To prepare students for the dance profession at a virtuoso level by refining their dance technique and developing their professional skills through career development activities and performances.

Subjects: Various subjects encompassing Dance Technique, Professional Skills Development and Performance.
Performance opportunities: May include Morning Melodies; September Showcase; End of year performance. The Australian Ballet Regional Tour – the highest quality productions are taken to regional areas around Australia for approximately six weeks every year.

Graduate Diploma of Elite Dance Instruction (Teacher’s Course) 10689NAT
Time: 2 years (generally delivered part-time over an extended duration)
Aims: To train the professional dancer with the appropriate attitude and aptitude in the methodology of vocational dance training, based on an eight level system derived from the Vaganova method. The target group for the course is by nature very specific, therefore the number of course participants at any one time will be small. In order to deliver the course to the highest standard, the small cohort of trainees allows the delivery of the course to be structured as a mentor-model adapted to the individual needs of participants.

Subjects: Classical Ballet Pedagogy Professional Development Training and Practicum. Units delivered are: develop a multi-level training program for elite dance students; plan, deliver and assess dance at an elite level; design and implement an individual professional development plan in dance teaching; foster the health and well-being of elite dance students; provide coaching to elite dance students; select and apply music for dance exercises; and implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs | | 03 9669 2807


Main Teachers

Lisa Pavane (Director), Sheryl Bates (Executive Head of Teacher Training), Megan Connelly, Simon Dow, Jiayin Du, Katrina Edwards, Christine Howard, Michela Kirkaldie, Irina Konstantinova, Sergey Konstantinov, Sabrina Lenzi, Joanne Michel, Sakis Michelis, Andrew Murphy, Christine Vavladellis, Lynette Wills, Margaret Wilson.



The Australian Ballet School is now accepting digital auditions for entry into the Full-Time Programme, After School Programme and Intra/Interstate/International Training Programme:  



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