Stephanie Rice and Jude Bolton are Baby and Johnny on The Real Dirty Dancing TV show on Channel 7

Channel Seven presented an event TV series like no other, based on the most iconic Dirty Dancing film of the 80’s. THE REAL DIRTY DANCING, TV reality show gave eight Australian celebrities the unique opportunity to revisit the movie’s most memorable moves and moments as well as travel to the USA to be at the location of the original movie.


Last week on The Real Dirty Dancing, Australia watched on as Stephanie Rice and Jude Bolton won over the super fans to become Baby and Johnny in the final. 
Australian celebrities travelled to the original Kellerman’s Resort filming location where they undergo an immersive Dirty Dancing experience, recreating memorable movie moments and dance routines.
The Real Dirty Dancing final has aired on Channel 7 to find out more or see some of the show go to:
Photo Credit: Seven Network