SIMULCAST is headed to Bendigo and they need 100 local dancers!

Posted on: 13/8/2019 6:00PM

In partnership with Chunky Move and Tasdance, City of Greater Bendigo is looking for 100 volunteer dancers of all ages to be part of a large-scale dance work to be held at the iconic Poppet Head site in Bendigo August - October 2019.


They are looking for 10-15 Young Leaders that are dynamic, confident and articulate individuals with a strong level of dance skill & training who are passionate about dance and getting people dancing.


You can go to: for further information


They are also looking for 100 Volunteer Dancers that are local dancers of all ages willing to learn, rehearse and perform simple dance sequences as part of a 15-minute outdoor dance work.


You can go to: to find out more


Image courtesy of Chunky Move and Tas Dance.



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