Raghav Handa turns memories into dance

Raghav Handa in Tukre'From April 29 to May 2, FORM Dance Projects and Riverside Theatres will present the contemporary dance work Tukre’ that explores how cultural lineage can be communicated and shared through objects and movement.  


Tukre’ (meaning “pieces” in Hindi) will see Raghav Handa, an Australian choreographer and dancer of Indian heritage, create a memory map of his ancestry through music and dance.


Handa uses family heirlooms, including silver glasses and a diamond necklace, to evoke the traditions of his family and explore how rites of passage transcend borders. By dancing with these objects, Handa gives the audience a chance to look at the tangibility of his family history; passing on memories and sharing a piece of history.


The movements throughout the piece are inspired in part by Handa’s grandfathers, jewel-makers who spent their lives cutting, shaving and shining precious stones. These ‘faceting’ techniques are replicated throughout the choreography.


“My objective with this work was to keep their craft alive through my own artistry. I am an artisan, just like my ancestors, only working instead with my movement,” Handa explained.


Through his movement, which combines delicate masculinity with speed and precision, Handa intends to uncover how history is passed down through his ancestor’s objects. The performance is an exploration of the connections between our past, present and future, as well as the importance of family – even when they are thousands of kilometres away.


For more information or to book tickets, visit riversideparramatta.com.au.


Photo: Raghav Handa in Tukre’. Image by Lucy Parakhina.

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