Of All Things On Sale Now

Australian Dance Theatre, in collaboration with multi-disciplinary South Australian design firm, Enoki, proudly presents a thrilling immersive experience by visionary choreographer Alison Currie. Of All Things is a unique, cross-sensory experience situated somewhere between art installation and dance performance, submerging you into a surrealistic world that will shake up your perception of dance, the body and design. Of All Things runs between Thursday 19 November 2020 8:00 PM and Sunday 22 November 2020 5:00 PM in South Australia.

As you enter The Odeon you will be transported into an imagined, fantastical alternate reality where the known world dissolves from view. With the interior completely transformed, the dancers will manifest creatures who possess a symbiotic relationship with the building itself. Employing ingenious design elements in union with a company of astounding dancers, Of All Things will take you on an unexpected journey.

An experience not to be missed.


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Poster desgin (c) Enoki, Image (c) Sam Roberts Photography