NAISDA presents Mid-Year Show

Gayi Ngiyang NhangaraNAISDA Dance College’s Developing Artists will share their stories through dance in the school’s upcoming Mid-Year Show, titled Gayi Ngiyang Nhangara (“Come, we all Dance”), on Tuesday-Friday, June 23-26.


Guest Indigenous Choreographers Joel Bray, Ian RT Colless, Monica Stevens and Raymond D. Blanco will present contemporary works created in collaboration with the Developing Artists.


NAISDA promises audiences that they will be mesmerised by traditional song and dance from Moa Island in the Torres Strait and Yolngu dance from the Datiwuy clan in North East Arnhem Land.


Performances will be presented at NAISDA Dance College facilities, located at 31 The Avenue, Mt Penang Parklands Kariong NSW. For more information, visit Since bookings are essential, email or call 02 4340 3100 to reserve your spot.


Photo courtesy of NAISDA Dance College.