Mrs P – 50 Years a Celebration

In salute to a doyenne of Australian Ballet, Tanya Pearson OAM, a full length ballet is being staged this weekend telling the extraordinary story of her life – from war torn Europe, to the shores of Australia, to London and the swinging 60s – before an outstanding teaching career nurturing some of Australia’s finest dancers.


In what has been a highly emotional tribute,  many dancers and some of Australia’s biggest ballet names have flown into Sydney to perform in her honour, including the Australian Ballet’s Lucinda Dunn, Halaina Hills and Christopher Rodgers-Wilson, The Munich Ballet’s Stephanie Hancox and Matej Urban, Hamburg’s Priscilla Tselikova and Konstantin Tselikov and Dutch National’s Amanda McGuigan plus Felicity Hader, Hayley Macri, Chelsea Andrejic, Emma Harrington, Claire Bruist, Alistair Stewart, Naoki Kataoki, and many more.


Choreographed by Paul Boyd and featuring works by Ashton, Cranko, Neumeier and Tanja Leidtke, the ballet is narrated by the Australian Ballet’s Colin Peasley OAM and Danilo Radojevic. 


You can still catch this ballet today at 2:30pm at NIDA Parade Theatres, Kensington. Tickets available through Ticketek