MADE presents 'To Carry / To Hold'

MADE presents ‘To Carry / To Hold’

‘These are the stories that still yearn to be expressed, shared, and experienced…’ To Carry / To Hold celebrates the power of the human body and the stories it holds. This new commission by choreographer Liesel Zink has been especially created for Mature Artists Dance Experience (MADE) – the groundbreaking company that embraces the experience, skill and strength that older dancers have developed over their careers. 

Zink’s choreography makes connections between the mundane routines of everyday life and the transformative moments that alter its course. To Carry / To Hold intertwines past, present and future in an exploration of the stories that connect us across time, space and generations.

The MADE Performance Ensemble will powerfully render the histories that exist in our bodies and the moments that shape and change us.

“Skin is a container. It protects our bodies’ intricate inner architecture from burning sun and penetrating cold. Skin is resilient and regenerative but fragile too. From its delicate nerve endings, we derive the sensation of touch, pain, pleasure and gentle caress. As we age the texture of its canvas deepens with lines, folds, stretch marks and scars. But beyond those physical properties, skin is a vessel for the memories we collect as we move through the world. Beneath its smooth texture emotions and experiences exist in the intangible ether.” – Liesel Zink

Liesel Zink is an award-winning choreographer of Ukrainian and German descent. Her socially-engaged practice has seen her develop and present work around Australia, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Liesel works with dancers of all ages and returns to again collaborate with MADE after a successful presentation of her award-winning, site-specific performance The Stance in 2016 (Junction Arts Festival and Mature Moves). MADE is delighted to be commissioning a work from an artist so passionate about using the arts to initiate dialogue between people of different backgrounds, cultures and generations.

To Carry / To Hold will be at Theatre Royal, Hobart 11-12 April and at Burnie Arts Centre 17 April. Tickets are on sale now.

MADE’s touring in 2024 is made possible through the Tasmanian Performing Arts Centres (TPAC) Strategic Touring Fund.

MADE To Carry / To Hold, Image Credit Amy Brown