Last Chance to Register for AMPA Auditions for 2024!

Last Chance to Register for AMPA Auditions for 2024!

Are you an enthusiastic, inquisitive, and committed dancer ready to take your skills to new heights? AMPA invites you to join their Bachelor & Associate of Dance Programs! Audition at AMPA on Monday 27th November. Video auditions are available for interstate, regional, and international students.

At AMPA, their mission is to nurture well-rounded and versatile dance professionals. Their comprehensive training program empowers students to excel in performance, choreography, and production, while also elevating academic proficiency.

AMPA’s Head of Dance, Dr Maya Gavish, shares more about AMPA’s Bachelor of Dance program,

“Compared to the many certificate or diploma full-time programs, AMPA is the only performance-based bachelor degree in NSW, exposing graduates to more diverse professional and educational pathways while specialising in dance performance. ⁠

Our students perform three times a year and consequently, gain plenty of stage experience and the opportunity to learn from many choreographers with diverse artistic approaches. While the Bachelor of Dance degree is practice-focused, there is also a strong emphasis on academic rigour and knowledge acquisition. Students participate in classes such as Body Science, Production, Musicianship, Arts Management, Dance History and Performance Psychology. These not only enhance the students understanding of their body, the art form and dance industry but also opens more career opportunities for them.⁠

At AMPA we value versatility. Our dancers train in a variety of techniques, shaping them into well-rounded dancers. However, they also get to choose a major and specialise in a genre of choice…”⁠

Fee-Help is available for domestic students and credit options for graduates holding a Dip. or Adv Dip. seeking to upgrade their qualifications via the Pathway Program.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of a dynamic dance community that fosters growth and excellence. 

Apply now and embark on a journey of artistic and academic fulfilment and guarantee your future!

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