Free dance workshop with Eko Suprinyato and Ahil Ratnamohan

Campbelltown Arts Centre dance residency 2017World-renowned dance artists Eko Suprinyato and Ahil Ratnamohan have been at Campbelltown Arts Centre in NSW throughout January, working on the development of a new dance work.


Their residency will soon present a free public dance workshop on Tuesday, January 31. It will allow participants an opportunity to learn the unique movement styles and conceptual approaches that each artist offers, as well as an insight into their choreographic process and collaboration.


The work in development explores both artists’ interest and practice in observation of repetitive movement, resulting in a hypnotic aesthetic. To create it, the duo has been engaging with local sporting teams, schools, emerging dancers and Juvenile Justice programs.


For those interested in reserving a spot in the free workshop, contact Nick Power, the curator of contemporary dance for Campbelltown Arts Centre, at Note that space is limited!


Photo courtesy of Campbelltown Arts Centre.

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