Ea Sola brings Drought & Rain to Arts Centre Melbourne

Dance at Arts Centre MelbourneDrought and Rain, an iconic dance production exploring the recall of historic and cultural memory from French Vietnamese Choreographer Ea Sola is coming to Arts Centre Melbourne in September.


In 1990 Ea Sola returned to her native Vietnam which she had left at the height of the American war to live in Paris. On her return she conducted five years of research into the traditional music and dance of Vietnam and the lasting effect of the war on its people. The culmination of this research was the 1995 version of Drought and Rain, a work that celebrates cultural memory and meditates on the cost of conflict and imperialism. Now, 16 years later she has recreated this powerful work for 12 performers, three singers and six musicians.

The newly recreated Drought and Rain features a charismatic group of elderly women from the North of Vietnam who sang to console solders in the front lines of the war. The production also draws on the incredible talents of traditional musicians. Through exquisite dance and poetic song, Drought and Rain is a moving and delicate account of human survival.

Make sure to get your tickets to Drought and Rain, presented as part of the Kenneth Myer Asian Theatre Series.


September 20-22, Arts Centre Melbourne.