Dance in Aussie Schools – have your say!

Dance Education in Australian SchoolsDance Informa will be attending the Dance Education in Australian Schools (DEAS) conference this Thursday and Friday, September 26 and 27. DI journalist Grace Edwards will be asking representatives from the Australian Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, Restless Dance Theatre and Tasdance their thoughts on the future of dance. We invite you to help spread the word and join in the discussion by sharing and ‘liking’ these mini-interviews, which will be posted on the homepage, and on the DI Facebook and Twitter feeds. 

Lend your own voice to the discussion by leaving comments! These comments will be read by Ausdance
and form an important compliment to discussions going on at the DEAS. Comments will be highlighted on the Facebook pages of both Ausdance and Dance Informa, and one lucky person with the best comments will WIN a Year’s Free Ausdance VIC Membership! If the person who wins already has a membership then they can nominate the free membership a local dance/community group.

The official Twitter and Facebook hashtag for the DEAS is #DEAS2013. Be sure also to mention @DanceInforma in your posts or link straight from the website. On Facebook, please tag Dance Informa in your comments and posts.

“Young dancers will be the most directly affected by any initiatives that come out of the discussions taking place at the DEAS, so it’s important that they are a part of the conversation from the very beginning.  They are the future of dance and they, particularly those who become dance teachers, will be the ones executing the ideas that are being developed now.

We here at Dance Informa also want to give dance teachers the opportunity to share their own experiences of outreach programmes and teaching in schools.  What has worked? What hasn’t? Why? They are a treasure trove of information and we need to harness that expertise to build dance education in our schools”, says Grace Edwards of Dance Informa.