Dance Academy Season 2 Premieres in March

The much anticipated Dance Academy Season 2 will premiere on March 12, 6:30pm on ABC3. Check out this video by the boys of Dance Academy.


It’s second year at the National Academy of Dance and there are no second chances. Shaking things up this year are two new students, Grace Whitney (Issi Durant) who comes via the Royal Ballet School in London and effortlessly assumes the title of best dancer in the class and gorgeous new boy, Ben Tickle (Thomas Lacey), who has a secret he’s not willing to share. It will be a rollercoaster year as friendships and relationships fall apart as new ones are being forged; rivalry and jealousy kick in as the students are forced to work harder than ever before; and a personal and unjust war is waged against Tara Webster (Xenia Goodwin) which threatens her place at the Academy. Expect more drama, blood, sweet and blisters in this exciting new second series.