Blink Dance Theatre’s ‘Written on the Body’

dance theatre work Written on the BodyBlink Dance Theatre, an independent dance theatre company based in Victoria, has announced its latest work, Written on the Body.


Inspired by the life of iconic writer Anais Nin, this visceral new dance theatre work will explore the notion of female identity and the power of literature to both shape and be shaped by our lives. With creative stagecraft, innovative video projection and beautiful physicality, Written on the Body is an immersive celebration, a love affair with the written word.


With Blink Founder, Director and Choreographer Lyndel Quick at the helm, plus an accomplished creative team and supremely talented cast, the show will navigate ideas of gender theory and the changing nature of identity. Of the work, Quick reflects, “Anais Nin was most famous for her published journals, which span over 60 years of her life. Nin struck a chord with women in the 1940s and 50s in her search of a definition of women by women. Her writing was both poetic and symbolic, and was very much related to the body. Her journals reveal her inner life, unapologetically passionate and honest – the body leading the mind.”


Quick continued, “During the creative process, we asked ourselves some challenging questions. To what degree is gender socially constructed; shaped and embodied by the deeply entrenched norms found in our respective cultures? To what degree do our lived experiences affect our physical bodies? It was questions like these that helped shape the foundation of the work and our theatrical investigations. They became the departure points for creating the physical material.”


Blink works with both trained dancers and actors to create an evocative visual theatre, where movement is the primary language. Experienced performers include: Toni Main, Sara Di Segna, Yuhui Ng- Rodriguez, Lyndal Pope, Mikayla Thomas and Jessica Lesosky.


Blink Dance Theatre, originally established in 2012, strives to create high caliber, accessible works. Written on the Body will be performed at Shenton Theatre in East Geelong on September 19, 20 and 25-27.


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