Apply now for AMPA's Dance Degree for 2018

Posted on: 18/12/2017 8:30AM

Sydney Dance Degree ProgramHave you looked into a Dance Degree for next year? Not a Certificate IV, but a Dance Degree? If not, the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA) in Sydney highly encourages you too!


While there are a large number of full-time dance programs in Sydney offering Certificate IV qualifications (AQF Level 4), AMPA's Bachelor of Dance is the only performance-oriented full-time course that provides an undergraduate Bachelor qualification (AQF Level 7). The higher qualification provides AMPA students with a distinct advantage upon graduating, including options to choose broader career paths or move onto postgraduate study.


Beyond just learning to follow routines, AMPA promises that its BDance students use critical thinking to produce dance compositions, projects and collaborative works, all in order to gain experience and cultivate a much wider skill set.


Also, the AMPA BDance course provides an internship program for students to gain real industry experience. There’s an alumni dance company as well.


To apply now for 2018, book your audition at Email or phone 02 9310 3111 for more information.



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