ADT Artist in Residence Is Seeking Applications

ADT, supported through the generosity of the Tanja Liedtke Foundation, is offering a six-week residency as part of the International Centre for Choreography. This is available to choreographers based in Adelaide, South Australia.


This is an exceptional opportunity for a movement practitioner to work in a creative space within ADT’s Tanja Liedtke Studio in Adelaide. The residency will provide time and an environment for artists to evolve new ideas toward their choreographic practice. They encourage applicants whose work embodies an experimental approach and challenges conventions.


In addition to the space and stipend the successful applicant will be offered administration, production and some dramaturgical support, if required.


The artist will be encouraged to present a studio showing to peers and colleagues at the conclusion of their residency as well as written and/or filmed material documenting the process. While they continue to deal with public health restrictions, they are only taking applications from artists who currently reside in Adelaide, South Australia.



• Applications close: 6pm, Friday 9 October

• Duration of residency is 6 weeks: Monday 19 October – Friday 27 November

  • Stipend: $6,000

    To apply you must provide a description of your project/exploration (500 words max) and a simple budget articulating costs within the $6000 stipend.


For further information visit:


Image courtesy of ADT