2013 Artist-in-Residence program

Dance HouseAs part of its partnership with Dancehouse, which began in 2012, Deakin University has initiated an artist-in-residence program for dancers seeking access to studio space for a period of creative work.


Dancehouse values research and rigorous studio-based enquiry and this residency in partnership with Deakin will allow Dancehouse to extend support to artists beyond the existing programs and premises.


The residency is conceived as an exchange whereby the university can make a contribution to the wider dance community, while the artist-in-residence contributes ‘in-kind’ to Deakin dance students’ experience. This in-kind contribution can take form in workshops, lecture demonstration, open rehearsals or other events to be negotiated. Dancehouse may also offer support appropriate to the project, which will be negotiated for each individual project.


Applications for the Deakin-Dancehouse Artist-in Residence program closes on Jan. 14, 2013.


To apply, download the application form at the Dancehouse website, which contains further information about the residency. Visit Dancehouse at dancehouse.com.au. For specific inquiries, contact Olivia via email at olivia@dancehouse.com.au or call 03 9347 2860.