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10874NAT Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts

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Australia’s only dedicated 2-year full-time Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts. During your time at ED5INTERNATIONAL you will be immersed in Dancing, Singing and Acting and a wide variety of complimentary classes to provide you with the knowledge, experience and the edge as a professional for your future career.

At ED5INTERNATIONAL, our mission has been to create, enhance and elevate the profile of Performing Arts in Australia and Internationally. We are passionately committed to striving for brilliance. During the past two decades of operating the College, ED5INTERNATIONAL has become one of the most prestigious training establishments in Australia built on excellence, honesty, integrity and professionalism with high standards of service and care for both staff and students.

For over 20 years, ED5INTERNATIONAL has launched some of the most successful careers in the International Entertainment industry. ED5 creates industry professionals who have the talent and capacity to stage their own career path, watched by the eyes of millions.


The course is designed for students who aspire to work in the entertainment industry. The course consists of 17 units of competency which includes:

• CUADAN614: Extend ballet performance skills to a professional level
• CUAACT411: Use acting techniques in performance
• CUAPRF611: Extend musical theatre performance techniques to a professional level
• CUADAN618: Extend contemporary dance performance skills to a professional level
• CUAWHS413: Incorporate anatomy principles into skill development
• NAT10874002: Extend jazz dance performance skills to a professional level
• NAT10874001: Extend tap dance performance skills to a professional level
• CUAMPF615: Develop advanced vocal techniques
• CUADAN631: Perform dance repertoire at a professional level
• CUACHR611: Create choreography for stage and screen
• NAT10874003: Extend audition performance skills at a professional level
• CUAMPF612: Manage stagecraft aspects of performances
• CUAIND611: Work professionally in the creative arts industry
• CUAWHS612: Develop strategies for maintaining resilience in a competitive environment
• CUAPPR512: Develop sustainability of own professional practice
• CUAPRF415: Rehearse for performances
• CUAWHS312: Apply work health and safety practices


William A. Forsythe, Elena De Cinque, Nathan Sheens, Leslie Bell, Phillip Filo, Nathan Zammit, Ed Wightman, Martin Crewes, Danielle Barnes, Nigel Turner-Carroll, Caroline Kaspar, Ryan Smith, Scott Irwin, Bianca Hu, BJ Rorke, Elysha Manik, Kirsty Botfield, Paige Rogers, Nicky Gattorna, Ainsley Oates, Lucy Wiggan.


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