Young Australian Wins Gold at Dance World Cup

Young Australian Wins Gold at Dance World Cup

Meet Aaleyah Chater, the eleven-year-old Perth girl taking the dance world by storm and Australia’s first ever gold medallist at Dance World Cup (DWC).

With 35 countries and over 6000 competitors taking part in DWC 2022, Aaleyah beat out the best in the world to win two gold medals and was the only competitor to get a perfect score of 100 for a routine at the 2022 DWC.

Competing in the 11-14 age group, Aaleyah is Australia’s first ever dual gold medallist at a DWC Gala Championship.

It was not all easy though, said Aaleyah’s mother Bianca, with Aaleyah having to play the waiting game for two and a half years after qualifying.

“Aaleyah won Dancer of the Year at the start of 2020 and with it a trip to Europe to compete at DWC but then Covid meant she couldn’t go overseas to compete,” Ms Chater said.

“It was a really emotional time trying to explain to a nine-year-old why she couldn’t go to compete, especially since there was no end date to the travel restrictions. But she picked herself up and kept practicing, at times learning routines in front of the mirror at home and via Zoom with her coaches. I’m so proud of Aaleyah for not giving up and after two and a half years she’s achieved her dream.”

The talent runs deep in the family with one of the winning routines being the same as Bianca performed when she was competing.

Dance is not without its critics however, and many will be familiar with the now cancelled controversial Dance Moms series that followed dancers and their overzealous mothers in the US.

When asked, Bianca shrugs it off and says that it’s hard to win as a dance mum.

“There are definitely parents who push their kids but that’s no different to any other sport. Of course reality TV is going to show the drama because that’s what draws eyeballs. In some ways for us it’s been harder to avoid that perception because I run a dance school, but the reality is Aaleyah loves dancing and she’s incredibly talented.

“I’ve supported her and encouraged her to do her best because it’s what she loves doing, but you do have to get the balance right and allow children to enjoy it without too much pressure.”

The Dance World Cup 2022 was held 24 June – 2 July in San Sebastian, Spain. Over 120,000 children from around the world aged 4 to 25 attempt to qualify in their country for the DWC World Finals each year.

Described as ‘the Olympics of dance’, Dance World Cup is renowned amongst the best dance schools in the world for being the highest calibre competition.

With well-known judges and competitions held in the genres of Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Song and Dance, Street/Hip Hop and National, DWC caters for all dance schools around the world.

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Footage of Aaleyah competing is available here or @aaleyahchater on Instagram.