World Premiere of Jagad by Monica Lim, Rianto and Melanie Lane

World Premiere of Jagad by Monica Lim, Rianto and Melanie Lane

Complex realities merge with inner worlds in this mystical and striking new dance work: Jagad. Inspired by Javanese concepts of the inner and outer universe – each feeding into and mingling with the other – Jagad is a rich tapestry of overlapping viewpoints, the real and artificial, the physical and the ethereal.

Throughout Jagad, time is fluid while an ensemble of dancers navigate their universe as live camera feed videos and projections distort and shift perceptions. A screen divides the entire performance space as audiences choose which side to experience the work, where their view may be obstructed through the projections and movement of the dancers.

Experimental Malaysian-Australian composer Monica Lim explains that Jagad asks: how do we translate ourselves?

“It’s like we’re stuck in an expanded prism where we present a different version of ourselves depending on where we are and who we talk to – particularly for those of us who live in the borders between cultures and definitions,” said Lim.

Jagad is an international collaboration that began three years ago as a short dance film created by Lim and iconic Indonesian director Garin Nugroho – it has now transformed into a lavish live dance experience.

Lim has teamed up with two of the most innovative contemporary dance-makers, legendary Javanese dancer Rianto and Javanese-Australian choreographer Melanie Lane, to co-create this new performance work.

Monica Lim is a pianist, composer and sound technologist. She has produced work for theatre, contemporary dance, installations and film, as well as solo and ensemble instrumental pieces.

Melanie Lane is an Australian-Javanese choreographer and performer. Her independent work has been presented at international festivals and theatres in Europe, USA, Indonesia and Australia.

Rianto trained in classical Javanese dance from a young age, specialising in the cross-gender form of Lengger. He has been based in Tokyo since 2003 where he founded the Classical Javanese dance company, Dewandaru Dance Company.

Experience Jagad as scale of varying sizes shift into dizzying effect. Come and discover your universe.

Performances will take place 3-7 August at Arts House – North Melbourne Town Hall, 521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne. Tickets begin at $10. Visit to learn more.