<strong>WOMADelaide Dance Line-Up</strong>

WOMADelaide Dance Line-Up

The world turns… and WOMADelaide returns to its spiritual home in Botanic Park / Tainmuntilla for a 30th birthday party like no other 10-13 March 2023.

Held on the traditional lands of the Kaurna People of the Adelaide plains, WOMADelaide is the iconic open-air festival set in Adelaide’s stunning Botanic Park / Tainmuntilla. An award-winning celebration of the very best music, arts & dance since 1992.

This year’s dance artists include: Asanti Dance Theatre, Bandaluzia, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Didier Théron Company, Foco alAire, Galmae, & Gratte Ciel. Artists hail from Australia, France, Mexico, and beyond.

Australia’s leading West African dance company, Asanti Dance Theatre is a highly rhythmic and dynamic drum and dance ensemble that performs with captivating power, precision and energy. Presenting an unforgettable experience of West African music, dance, acrobatics and culture, their energy and cheeky sense of humour engages audiences of all ages. 

Led by ARIA-nominated flamenco guitarist Damian Wright, Bandaluzia showcases contemporary flamenco dance and music, while displaying the essential characteristics of the flamenco tradition. With two flamenco dancers, guitar, percussion and violin making up the group, they are celebrated for their powerful performances, unique sound and explosive displays of dazzling musicianship and virtuosity. 

Bangarra Dance Theatre returns to WOMADelaide after 24 years to perform Terrain, a breathtaking exploration of Australia’s largest salt lake, Kati Thanda (Lake Eyre).Choreographed by Artistic Director Frances Rings, Terrain highlights the ancestral ties that bind people to Country. 

Interacting with their surroundings and the audience, the dancers in La Grande Phrase (The Big Phrase) wear colourful inflated suits that challenge our expectations of how dancers’ bodies look and turn our gazes onto our own bodies. Any space shared with the audience becomes a performance space, where the dancers create all kinds of preposterous scenarios and hilarious poses. Compagnie Didier Théron is based in Montpellier and, since 1988, has presented its work on many international stages.

Life is a great dance and the world its ballroom! The sounds and neighbourhood parties that were popular in Mexico City in the 70s and 80s became a phenomenon that spread across Latin America. LaOrchestra SoNiDeRa LOStheMáS recreates this tradition, as Foco alAire become entertainers and musicians interacting with the public, through messages and greetings received from them.

How does a crowd move? When we’re alone, do we move differently from when we’re among others? These are the kinds of questions that struck Juhyung Lee (Galmae) during a rally in Seoul in 2015. With his performance installation c’est pas là, c’est par là (it’s not that way, it’s this way), Lee transforms a crowd of spectators into a problem-solving collective as they come together to unravel a tangled labyrinth of strings resembling a cat’s cradle.

When Gratte Ciel’s feathered angels filled the sky at WOMADelaide 2018 with Place des Anges, they created a spectacularly memorable WOMAD moment. In 2023, they will once again transform the night skies above Botanic Park with their high-altitude spectacle. Gratte Ciel’s mischievous angels will appear high above the treetops of Botanic Park, unfurling a playful wonderland of joyous music, spectacular acrobatic scenes and aerial theatrics to charm and inspire the audience below. In the magical finale, thousands of softly cascading feathers will fall to the ground, as the swirling figures dance amongst the stars and descend to play with the audience below.

The festival also offers hands-on workshops, a thought-provoking Planet Talks program, family-friendly fun in the KidZone, inspiring installations and delicious global cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the iconic open-air festival! Visit womadelaide.com.au for WOMADelaide’s full line-up and to purchase tickets.

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