<strong>Winter Holiday Workshop by Sprung!! Integrative Dance Theatre</strong>

Winter Holiday Workshop by Sprung!! Integrative Dance Theatre

Come make dance with Sprung!! Dance Theatre! Shift Shape Initiate is a dynamic inclusive workshop based on contemporary dance principles that builds skills for movement-based play. Swing, spiral, weave and fold along with other movers in response to live music.

This four-day workshop series aims to help you build a ‘mover’s toolkit’. Each day will explore creative techniques and movement ideas that are responsive to live sound and music. The development of a shared movement language will form the building blocks of sophisticated improvisations where short dance sequences will come to life. Led by dance artist and teacher Tora Crockford, this style of dance making is rich with skills that connect people in creative expression. 

Sprung!! Dance Theatre is a not-for-profit arts organisation based in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales and caters to emerging artists and community across a 5,000km expanse, providing dance and performance workshops and training for people with disability or who are d/Deaf.

They develop original dance and performance works through collaborative and disability-led processes with their Dance Ensemble; and deliver accessible and inclusive training and participatory arts experiences through their community program.

The venue for this program is wheelchair accessible. No prior dance experience necessary – there are prompts to guide even the most hesitant dancer. Please get in touch with the Sprung!! team to discuss any access needs. More information about venue access, NDIS and Sprung’s inclusive approach to dance can be found here.

Book in for one or more days. Friends, family and community are welcome to join us for afternoon tea and an intimate and relaxed sharing on Saturday 8th July.

Shift Shape Initiate will take place from Wednesday July 5th to Saturday July 8th, 10 am – 4 pm each day at Tintenbar Hall, Tintenbar Rd Tintenbar NSW. The afternoon tea/sharing will take place on Saturday July 8th at 2:30 pm.

Bookings are essential and due by Tuesday June 20th. Click here to book now. For more information, email info@sprung.org.au