The Australian Ballet Announces Ten Promotions

The Australian Ballet Announces Ten Promotions

The Australian Ballet’s Artistic Director, David Hallberg, has announced ten dancer promotions in a company-wide celebration of hard work, determination and outstanding achievement. 

“It was just such a season of growth, and I think it’s a nice moment to come together, everyone, and celebrate hard work; celebrate success on stage; celebrate success in the studio as well…,” said David.

The promotions were as follows: Katherine Sonnekus, Corps de Ballet to Coryphée; Aya Watanabe, Corps de Ballet to Coryphée; George-Murray Nightingale, Corps de Ballet to Coryphée; Luke Marchant, Coryphée to Soloist; Lucien Xu, Coryphée to Soloist; Mason Lovegrove, Coryphée to Soloist; Rina Nemoto, Soloist to Senior Artist; Imogen Chapman, Soloist to Senior Artist; Nathan Brook, Soloist to Senior Artist; and Jill Ogai, Soloist to Senior Artist.

The promotion news was met with rousing support and applause from fellow company members, as each dancer received glowing remarks from David, as well as beautiful flower bouquets.

“Title isn’t everything, but it’s really nice to recognize hard work and the advancement of when you’re ready to ascend,” said David, before sending the company members on their way.

This announcement comes as The Australian Ballet is preparing for their Melbourne debut of Kunstkamer and Harlequinade.

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