SYTYCD Top 6 - Live Performances

Posted on: 24/4/2014 12:00PM

Ashleigh, So You Think You Can Dance AustraliaTonight we were privileged enough to have Travis Wall choreographing two pieces for the Top 6 show, one of which was the group performance. Like all of his past choreographic works, Travis did not disappoint. What resulted was a beautiful contemporary piece that was moving and simply flawless.

The first of the duo performances for the night was a hip hop piece for Jay and Lauren. Choreographed by Jesse Rasmussen to the song ‘Get Up Off That Thing’ by James Brown, the two dancers played the role of an elderly couple. There was great use of props with walking sticks, handkerchiefs and a mobility chair. The audience and judges all enjoyed this entertaining performance. Aaron loved the prop element, Shannon thought the two both aced the character element, and Paula thought Lauren was the ‘real deal’ in this number.

Next to perform were Sam and Renelle in a Latin dance number. Choreographed by Trent Whiddon to ‘Hotel California’ by The Cat Empire, the piece required great chemistry between Sam and Renelle. Shannon thought Sam was back in the competition with a great performance, Jason found the two were great partners with Sam having shown great improvement and Renelle being ‘on the money’.

Tonight we were also lucky enough to see a stunning performance by The Australian Ballet, for their work titled Chroma. The season commences in Sydney at The Opera House on April 29.

Ashleigh and Michael took to the stage for their first routine in a jazz number, choreographed by Matt Lee and Kate Wormald. The piece performed to ‘The Beautiful People’ by Marilyn Manson, involved the dancers being trapped in an asylum with the use of a padded set and straps taping their arms back. As there was so much going on in the piece, it could have been messy and a disaster, however both dancers pulled it off. Paula agreed that it was a very difficult routine with intricate choreography, but as always, found Michael to deliver in a very driven performance. Jason thought other dancers could have been swamped with the choreography, yet these two dancers tackled it head on. Jason was starting to see the drive in Ashleigh over the last few weeks, but for tonight’s performance it was all about Michael.

Returning to the stage for the second time were Lauren and Sam, in a contemporary number by Debbie Ellis. Performing to ‘In This Shirt’ by The Irrepressibles, the piece required Lauren to play the role of a sad clown, and Sam to play the role of a happy clown. As the piece required Lauren to reflect on a low time in her life, she was reminded of when her dance teacher was diagnosed with breast cancer. Jason commended Debbie for her ability to play to the strengths of the dancers, and even went so far as to say that it was Sam’s best performance since the beginning of the competition. Shannon also agreed that Sam was shining tonight, and was on the right track by taking on past criticism.

Sam, SYTYCD AustraliaJay and Ashleigh were next in their second routine with a contemporary number, choreographed by Sarah Boulter. The piece, performed to ‘And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going’ by Jennifer Hudson, required there to be a great connection between Jay and Ashleigh. In the rehearsal footage Ashleigh was finding it hard to fake a connection, and Sarah was worried the two may come across on stage as two people instead of one. However, on stage both dancers rose to the challenge. Aaron thought there were moments of brilliance in Ashleigh and praised Jay for his ability to go from a background in tap to a contemporary number that required strong ankle work. Paula found there was beauty in Ashleigh’s delivery and said Jay is the most deserving candidate to go to the final.

The last of the duos to perform for the night were Renelle and Michael. The dancers took to the stage for a contemporary number by Travis Wall. The piece to ‘Lay Me Down’ by Sam Smith was flawless, and the judges agreed. Aaron found it to be astounding, and Paula congratulated Travis on another incredible choreographic work.

Then came the solos by all six dancers. Each dancer brought their A game, but the standout of the night was definitely Michael, who received a standing ovation. There was an immense level of acrobatic ability, flexibility, strength and power in his contemporary performance.

Unfortunately, as with any reality series, someone has to go. This week Sam and Ashleigh were to leave the competition. These two dancers won’t be going too far though, as they will be busy rehearsing for the grand final performances next week!



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