<strong>Sydney Opera House Presents, in association with Gravity & Other Myths, The Mirror</strong>

Sydney Opera House Presents, in association with Gravity & Other Myths, The Mirror

Heart-pumping acrobatics. Impossible physicality. Breath-taking stunts. Discover circus like you’ve never seen it before in The Mirror. The Mirror, a new high-energy acrobatic work by Australian circus and physical theatre company Gravity & Other Myths (GOM), will have its Australian premiere in the Sydney Opera House’s Studio from 9 February – 5 March 2023.

Co-commissioned by the Sydney Opera House and the Chamäleon Theatre, Berlin, The Mirror will arrive in Sydney hot on the heels of its world premiere in Germany. It is GOM’s most physically and conceptually ambitious challenge to date, incorporating elements of variety and cabaret, blended with GOM’s signature earthy humour and playfulness. The Mirror is a captivating exploration of ‘true self’ that both nods to the extremes we go to please others and reflects on the hidden parts of ourselves that make us unique.

The ensemble’s jaw-dropping raw artistry is offset by an innovative contemporary design that uses an LED wall, live cameras and selfie sticks. Cheeky and highly expressive, the show is accompanied by exhilarating live music – a first for GOM – with electronic compositions and pop mash-ups by musician Ekrem Eli Phoenix.

Sydney Opera House Head of Contemporary Performance, Ebony Bott, says: “Gravity & Other Myths is one of Australia’s most prolific and acclaimed circus exports. Their performances are full of nuanced imagery, brought to life by a tight-knit ensemble through thrilling acrobatic choreographies. Sophisticated yet playful, The Mirror is an impressive showcase of the raw potential of human bodies in tandem, that will deliver audiences a night of wonder.

“As we begin to celebrate the Opera House’s 50th year, we are excited to present this innovative and breathtaking style of contemporary performance for our audiences, who won’t be able to sit through the show without gasping at least once.”

Directed by Darcy Grant, The Mirror explores the concept of entertainment through the language of contemporary circus by questioning what the modern human finds entertaining in the age of ubiquitous screens and permanent self-presentation.

The Mirror plays at Sydney Opera House’s Studio 9 February – 5 March, 2023. Tickets begin at $96 and are on sale here.