Shaun Parker & Co leads anti-bullying program

Posted on: 4/4/2018 8:00AM

Shaun Parker and Company leads anti-bullying programSydney-based Shaun Parker & Company recently toured its dance-based intervention program, The Yard, to help end schoolyard violence. The tour came ahead of the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence on Friday, March 16.


The award-winning program seeks to end the epidemic of bullying, with new statistics reporting that more than one in four primary school children are experiencing or have experienced bullying.


The Yard was developed by Western Sydney teenagers in conjunction with leading choreographer and dancer Shaun Parker. Performances and education workshops provide teachers and children tools to combat schoolyard bullying.


Parker commented, “The Yard empowers children to raise and deal with bullying issues through performance. It inspires and moderates their future behaviour, while tackling the issues of bullying, social exclusion, peer pressure and resilience.”


More than 1,000 children have already taken part in program, with 91% stating they would not bully after seeing The Yard. 81% of children reported feeling more resilient, and 85% said they learnt how to help those being bullied.


Now international touring dance outfit Shaun Parker & Company aims to bring this program to 10,000 Australian school children. The company is calling for donations and support to bring the program to as many children in Australia as possible, with a strong focus on helping children in high risk and low socio-economic areas.


Donations given before May 18 will receive matched funding from Creative Partnerships Australia’s Plus1 program. Funds raised will assist touring the production to in-need schools free of charge, reaching students who would not typically have an opportunity to participate in such a program.


Donations can be made via


Australian Dance Award-winning production The Yard was created by Parker with teenagers from migrant and refugee families in Western Sydney. Five of the original dancers still perform The Yard in schools. 


For Libby Montilla, one of the original dancers, The Yard transformed his life and kick-started a creative career as a dancer and singer, producing his own lyrics and music.


Montilla shared, “Dance is a powerful language to communicate with all ages. I personally experienced its transformative power to help to get a message across. I still get immense satisfaction from performing to young people as I can relate to the issues they are facing today.”


To support the tour of The Yard and to end schoolyard bullying, consider donating now to


 Photo courtesy of Shaun Parker & Company.



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