Out of the Studio offers two new works

Out of the Studio by DirtyFeetAfter a successful debut in 2014, DirtyFeet’s Out of the Studio program is back! DirtyFeet, a not-for-profit contemporary dance organisation run by artists in Sydney, uses this program to help promote young choreographers and their new works.


Next month, Out of the Studio invites choreographers Rhiannon Newton and Rosslyn Wythes to present first drafts of new dance works to audiences at Shopfront Contemporary Arts & Performance in Carlton, NSW. As young, independent artists, this is rare opportunity for them as they were given time to completely focus on their creative vision for three weeks. They were able to develop work they began in DirtyFeet’s residency program, even receiving resources to choose lights and costumes.


In her work, Newton proposes humans are automatic, “living machines” that naturally repeat. Her piece tunes into the processes of repetition, calibration, togetherness and slippage at play between bodies.


On the other hand, Wythes’ choreography explores energy moving through the body and through a group of bodies. Collective and individual desires are showcased as they take bodies sweeping and sliding through space, transforming the landscapes.


Performers Ashlee Barton, Emma Harrison, Kate MacDonald, Natalie Pelarek, Annabel Saies, Courtney Scheu, Ivey Wawn and Julian Renlong Wong present these works-in-progress on Friday and Saturday, July 3 and 4 at 7:30 p.m.
To book tickets visit http://www.trybooking.com/133838.  


Photo: Dancer Courtney Scheu. Photo by Pia Moore.