New show explores dancing with apparatuses

FORM Dance ProjectsFrom June 21-23, FORM Dance Projects and Riverside Theatres will present the double bill Above Ground, exploring the subtleties of above-ground movement with apparatus.


The double bill will feature the new work Cat’s Cradle from Australia’s celebrated physical theatre company, Legs On The Wall. Expertly utilising a commanding apparatus that looms over the space, like a curtain of tentacles, Cat’s Cradle will explore the depths of what is private and what is public. It will tantalisingly coerce the audience to look at their own desires, where reality and fantasy collide.


Artistic Director of Legs On The Wall and creator of Cat’s Cradle, Joshua Thomson said, “The work delves into and exposes the true reality of intimacy between a couple who each crave more, and push each other’s limits. It hums with an underlying tension, sometimes playful sometimes painful, and a little bit sexy.”


The second work, Soft Prosthetics and Metal Gods, sees Kathryn Puie bring her extraordinary versatile physicality to the stage in a new variation of her career-long foray into dance for stilts. A collaboration with artist Lux Eterna, the work explores how we depend on external devices and prosthetics to enhance, extend and expand our human experience. It will question whether it is possible to breathe life and extend consciousness into these inanimate objects, and if we have lost touch with the haptic realm.


Puie said, “This new work has developed from a rich and dynamic collaboration between Lux Eterna and myself, and brings our explorations of the embodied gaze and prosthetic bodies to the stage.”


Performances will be at 8 p.m. each evening. Tickets are $35 for adults and $28 for concession. Head to to reserve your seats.


Image: Kathryn Puie on stilts in 2017. Image by Lux Eterna.

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