Murmuration’s 'Days Like These' returns home

Posted on: 20/7/2018 8:00AM

Murmuration Dance TheatreA contemporary theatre production that blossomed in regional NSW returns home to Western Sydney with renewed spark and depth.


After a two-year residency at The Arts Centre Cootamundra in the Riverina district, originally Marrickville based and relocating to Western Sydney in 2017, Murmuration is looking forward to performing in front of their home tribe.


Days Like These is a project that was developed in a number of stages spanning 2015 to 2017 with support from local, state and federal funding.


Director Sarah-Vyne Vassallo commented, “After performances in country NSW it is so exciting to bring our show to Penrith’s home of the arts - The Joan. I was born, raised and completed all my performing arts training out west, so it really feels like we are bringing Days Like These home and I can’t wait to see people’s reactions.”


“Like the many artists we met in the Riverina, we are proud of where we come from,” Vassallo continued, “and our heart beats in Western Sydney. We are proudly part of a thriving artistic community that says not all culture happens east of the Harbour Bridge, so come and see for yourself!”


Days Like These is a physical theatre work that explores the varied ways we, as humans, express our emotions. The show invites you to revisit and reflect on the best and worst days of your life.


“Working in a regional setting the way we have the last few years has shaped this work and taken our own understanding of an artistic life in new directions,” Vassallo said. “The experiences we have had in the communities and environment of country NSW are rich; it’s a journey that has had a lasting impact on all our artists.”


“We are proud to bring that to The Joan this August, it will almost be a bridge between city and country, but more so, it will connect people of diversity,” she added.


Murmuration is a pioneering Australian performance company working with a collective of interdisciplinary professional artists with and without disability. In collaboration with each artist’s unique perspective, physicality and lived experiences Murmuration creates engaging and thought-provoking theatre.


“What we have seen emerge from our creative team and the themes they explore in this 60-minute performance is different to what we would have achieved had we done this in a city context. I believe having the dedicated time and space away from the hustle allowed us to go deeper and produce higher quality outcomes,” Vassallo explained. “It’s now time to share that within our own neighbourhood and see how it evolves next.”


Days Like These will play out over three performances between August 10-11 at The Joan on High Street, Penrith. All guests will start their journey through an experiential gallery space where they are invited to feel, smell, taste and connect with the emotion and design of Days Like These


The 2 p.m. Saturday, August 11 show is a “Relaxed Family Performance” – with some adjustments to the performance designed to welcome people on the spectrum, with high support needs, and is open to a wider age range with an open-door approach. 


The 7:30 p.m. performance that follows will be the best entertainment in Sydney on the night. One night only for the general public – so get in quick! (The Friday, August 10 performance is for school kids.) Tickets are available at


Watch the Days Like These trailer below.



Photo: Performing artists Matt Shilcock and Melinda Tyquin in Days Like These performance at TACC in 2017. Photo by Gisella Vollmer.



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