Lighting the Dark opens in Townsville this Friday

Lighting the Dark opens in Townsville this Friday

Lighting the Dark is a bold new work by Chris Dyke, a Kaurna (Adelaide) based dancer and choreographer living with Down Syndrome. Gurambilbarra (Townsville) audiences will be the first to see Dancenorth’s groundbreaking new work this weekend (14-15 June), before the show officially Premieres at Brisbane Festival in September.

Lighting the Dark will be the first time in Australia – potentially, the world – that an artist living with Down Syndrome has been commissioned to direct a mainstage work for a professional company.

Director Chris Dyke said his goal was to create a show that takes inspiration from his heroes – Batman, Superman, David Bowie and Banksy – and leaves the audience feeling a sense of happiness, love and connection with one another.

The result is a work that blends some of pop culture’s biggest superheroes, greatest rockstars and most iconic street art into a wildly paced, unexpectedly funny and deeply moving romp through imagined worlds.

Chris, the embodiment of love itself, emanates compassion, transcending limitations and inviting us all into his radiant embrace. Yet, amidst his rich internal landscape of dreams and boundless imagination, the world often fails to see beyond the cover of the book – a book that if we dared to open, would reveal a radical inspiration, creative brilliance, hope and love.

With the mesmerising Dancenorth Ensemble by his side, Chris leads the way, transforming the stage into a portal where love and light illuminate the darkness. A masterpiece of collaboration and community, Lighting the Dark reminds us of the complexity of life’s challenges.

Inspired by the iconic figures of Banksy, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, Chris finds kinship in their revolutionary spirit, each serving as a reflection of his own vision.

Lighting the Dark is a profound celebration of the human experience, a transcendent journey which traverses individual and universal truths in a dance to the very centre of what it means to be human.

Dancenorth invites you to join them for this profoundly joyous and unifying work. Lighting the Dark will be at Townsville Civic Theatre on 14 & 15 June at 7 pm both evenings. Tickets begin at $27. Book now.

Dancenorth’s Lighting the Dark, Image credit Dancenorth