Joshua Horner auctions off unique shoes

Posted on: 20/3/2018 7:00AM

Billy Elliot The Musical Sydney 2007 Australian choreographer and creative director Joshua Horner has announced an online auction of his most precious dance shoes to benefit Australian student dancers.


Horner said, “How do you support young Australian dancers? You auction off your most treasured items you've saved for over 10 years! I have saved the shoes I wore in the opening night of Billy Elliot The Musical Sydney 2007 and Melbourne 2008 as well as the shoes I wore on Broadway in the opening number of the 2009 Tony Awards when we won Best Musical.”


Horner has signed the three unique pairs of shoes and hopes to raise money to give one male and one female dancer from every state in Australia a free coaching session from himself.


The shoes will come in a glass case that can stand on its own or be mounted onto a wall for presentation. Each case can be easily opened via a door.


Bid on the shoes now at The online auction ends March 23! To learn more about Horner, visit




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