If Only I Could… waltzing to QPAC later this month

If Only I Could… waltzing to QPAC later this month

If Only I Could… is an intergenerational dance project created and performed by a company of Brisbane’s best independent professional dance artists and elderly participants from a Lutheran Services aged care home.

These amazing elders take to the stage with grace and courage, a great sense of adventure, and a greater sense of humour to share a whimsical, magical, heartfelt performance that will have you smiling from ear to ear, and maybe shedding a tear.

By forming friendships, sharing stories, making new discoveries, and testing the abilities of their bodies and minds the aged care residents and professional dance artists have made a show quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Humorous, irreverent but chiefly a complex waltz between generations, let this production open your heart and move your spirit.

“When I was young, I was told not to dance because it led to further evils. Now I’m 90, I’m past all the further evils, so now I can dance!” said Kevin Mischke.

If Only I Could…is a collaboration between Lutheran Services, QPAC and director Angela Chaplin.

Lutheran Services delivers aged care and community services across Queensland. Their creative programs such as If Only I Could… demonstrate that artistic freedom knows no age. Creative programs are key to building vibrant, well-connected communities for our services.

Angela Chaplin is a theatre director, producer, writer and dramaturg, whose works have toured nationally and internationally. She has directed for a range of theatre companies including Company B Belvoir, Sydney Theatre Company, The State Theatre Company of South Australia and Opera Queensland.

The If Only I Could… journey started four years ago as a series of dance workshops led by Angela with Lutheran Services aged care residents. Over the project’s development, what has stood out most is the relationships formed between the cast members – young and old – relationships that are characterised by respect, joy, hard work and a lot of love.

Connect with the big lives of older people in If Only I Could... Performances will be 27 & 29 October in the Cremorne Theater at QPAC. Tickets are $29 plus a $7.20 transaction fee. Click here to learn more.