<strong>GUTS Dance at The Odeon</strong>

GUTS Dance at The Odeon

Artback NT is proud to announce the 2023 national tour of Value for Money, a GUTS Dance production.

A powerful physical exploration of the value we place on human lives and bodies, with an incredible score by Tom Snowdon. Value for Money is a must-see production.

The first full-length work from award winning dancers and dynamic choreographic duo Sara Black and Jasmin Sheppard, Value for Money interrogates the rift between the calculable economic value of a life, and the intangible emotional and physical value of a person, as shaped by each culture and context, through the lens of our collective experience of contemporary Australia and by examining its history.

Value for Money is a physical exploration of human worth and the currency we use to quantify this. We all come from a common place – land, dust, molecules. The human journey separates us from other animals through our drive to find our individual worth.

What makes us a valuable and unique addition to this place? How do we value human life? Is it the calculable economic value or the intangible emotional and physical value of a person we should be considering?

In addition, this human desire to discover our individual and collective value contradicts a human need to control – to have dominion over other humans, animals, and land; to project collective value onto objects, deities, and other individuals: the polarity of power and vulnerability inherent within us all.

Value For Money interrogates how relationships, community, and proximity change our perception of a life’s worth.

Delving into the polarity of power and vulnerability inherent within us all, Value for Money sees an exceptional cast of renowned Australian performers and creatives explore their stories and experiences; reflecting on the way we understand and value our fellow humans, pushing us to interrogate the unquestionable traits that bind us as a human race.

“Value for Money is all instinct, muscle, pulse, balance and pure, transformative performance magic”.
– Geoffrey Williams, Stage Whispers

Value for Money will run at The Odeon 27-29 April. Tickets begin at $27.78

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