Grey Panthers celebrate 30 years in 2018

Posted on: 5/1/2018 9:00AM

Tracks Dance Company DarwinThis year, Tracks Dance Company in Darwin, NT is celebrating 30 years of The Grey Panthers, a unique dance troupe made up of participants predominantly over the age of 60. In commemoration of the troupe’s three decades of artistic contributions, Tracks has created a 2018 Calendar filled with memorable photos.


The Grey Panthers are described as “successful”, “productive”, “healthy” and “positive” role models for active ageing and lifelong learning. The troupe sets high expectations for members and almost always rises above them. Participants try to enjoy their lives and live them to the fullest.


Anything but flighty, this inspiring senior troupe shows its community what happens when you commit to extended relationships and get involved in your city.


Tracks has a long-term relationship with The Grey Panthers, which launched in 1988. The troupe has made a significant impact to the company’s body of work. The Grey Panthers explore what it means to part of the Aging Australian population and the role of the elder in contemporary Northern Territory Life.


Learn more about The Grey Panthers at Order a 2018 calendar through the Tracks Office. Call (08) 8941 1410 for assistance.



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